Alexandria Science Exchange Journal is a pioneering journal founded by Professor Dr. A.M.Balba in 1978, devoted to the publication of significant, original and current scientific research results.
Founder: Prof. Dr. A. M. Balba
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Prof. Dr. Elsayed A. Elkhatib

Alexandria University
Department of Soil & Water Sciences, ElShatby, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: +203-5904684

Prof. Dr. H. Magdi Selim, USA

Louisiana State University

Prof. Dr. George R. Gobran, Sweden

The Swedish Univ. of Agric. Sciences

Prof.Dr .Andrea G.Capodaglio, Italy

Pavia University

Prof. Dr.Giuseppe Corti, Italy

Università Politecnica delle Marche

Prof.Dr.Zhi-Qing Lin, USA

Southern Illinois University

Prof. Dr. A.M. Mahdy, Egypt

Alexandria University
Prof.Dr. Adel El prince,Egypt, Soil sciences 
Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahman Mohammad Said Al-Tawaha,Jordan, Biological sciences
Dr. AMIT KUMAR  KHOKHER,India, Horticulture
Dr. İskender TİRYAKİ,Turkey, Agronomy
Prof.Dr.  Yehia ElShafei, Egypt, Soil sciences
Prof.Dr.Abdel-Fattah Shahin, Egypt, Horticulture
Prof.Dr.Ahmed elbebany, Egypt, plant pathology
Prof.Dr.Ahmed Abo-Elyazid, Egypt, Agricultural economy
Prof.Dr.Ahmed Mahdy, Egypt, Animal production
Prof.Dr.Ahmed Saied, Egypt, Soil sciences
Prof.Dr.Ahmed R. El-Mahdi, Egypt, Food technology
Prof.Dr.Ali Nawwar, Egypt, Agronomy
Prof.Dr.Allam Nouh, Egypt, Silviculture
Prof.Dr.Amira eldlebshany, Egypt, Poultry production
Prof.Dr.Amira Abou-Yousef, Egypt, Genetics
Prof.Dr.Antonio Guerra, Brazil, Environmental Geomorphology 
Dr.Darren Sun, Singapore, Applied sciences
Prof.Dr.Emad Gomaa, Egypt, biochemistry
Prof.Dr.essam Shalaby, Egypt, Agronomy
Prof.Dr.Farid Sabra, Egypt, Pesticide
Prof.Dr.Fatma   Sherif, Egypt, Soil sciences
Prof.Dr.Gamal Hassan, Egypt, Animal Science
Prof.Dr.Hans-Peter Nachtnebel, AUSTRIA, Environment
Prof.Dr.Hossam Elansary, Egypt, Ornamentals & landscape
Prof.Dr.Ibrahim Elsokkary, Egypt, Soil sciences
Prof.Dr.Jacques GANOULIS, Greece, Water
Prof.Dr.Jan Yperman, Belgium, Applied sciences
Prof.Dr.Józef Mosiej, Poland, Environment
Dr. Maha Kawanna, Egypt, plant pathology
Prof.Dr.Mohamed Bedawy, Egypt, Pesticide
Prof.Dr.Moustafa Flaifel, Egypt, Vegetables
Prof.Dr.Naser Elsawy, Egypt, Home economy
Prof.Dr.Safia Saroukh, Egypt, Home economy
Prof.Dr.Saied Elashry, Egypt, Agricultural engineering
Prof.Dr.Sait Engindeniz,Turkey,Agricultural economics
Prof.Dr.Samir Abdelazim, Egypt, Pesticide
Prof.Dr.Samy Eltabakh, Egypt, Agronomy
Prof.Dr.sanaa Elaraby, Egypt, Vegetables
Prof.Dr.Sherin Sherif, Egypt, Agricultural economy
Silvana Torri,Argentina, Environment
Prof.Dr.Sudhir Kumar, India, Animal Husbandry
Prof.Dr .Xianjun Jiang,China,Soil biology 
Prof.Dr.Viliana Vasileva, Bulgaria, Forage Crops
Prof.Dr.Yan Chen, USA, Horticulture 
Dr. Wang Xiukang,China,Soil and Water Conservation
Dr.Wen-Yee Lee, USA, Chemistry
Prof.Dr. Zornitsa Popova, Bulgaria, Soil Science-Agrotechnology