Sugar Beet Yield and Quality As Affected by Growth Regulators, Mineral and Bio-Fertilization in Nubaria Region

Gomaa, M.Abd El-aziz., Essam.E. Kandil and, Hassan.Y.I. Yousif

Two field experiments were carried out at Nubaria Region during 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons, to study the effect of mineral, biofertilizer and growth regulators on sugar beet plant var Kowemira. Two field experiments were conducted at a split plot design in three replications, where the main plots were assigned to growth regulators (water, Gibberellin, Kainten, Indole acetic acid=IAA), while the mineral and biofertilizer treatments were distributed at random with the sub plots i.e., (100% mineral-N (T1), 75% mineral- N + Cerealine(T2), 75% mineral N + Nitrobine(T3), 50% mineral N + Cerealine + Nitrobine (T4)). The results showed that there was significant effect of growth regulators, combination mineral and biofertilizer and their interaction. The results demonstrated that using growth regulators (IAA or Kainten) as foliar application with combination with 50% mineral fertilizer and biofertilizers (Cerealine and Nitrobine) or 75% mineral fertilizer with biofertilizer (Nitrobine) achieved the highest yield, yield components and quality of sugar beet crop.

Keywords: Sugar beet, growth regulators, mineral, biofertilizer, yield.