Application of Encapsulation to Improve Viability of Bifidobacterium Bifidum DSM20082 in Zabady Containing some Herbs

Sobhey M.S. Ghaly , Nabil M. Safwat , Hamid M. Ziena , Abeer M. Abd -Elhamid and Eman T. A. Yousef

The objective of this research  is to incorporate microencapsulated Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082  in  zabady. This fermented dairy products  containing  2%   cold or  hot water extracted clove and  cinnamon , in order to study the  different effects of these extracts  on  chemical  , microbiological , rheological and organoleptic properties  of  zabady during storage at 6 ± 2.0°C for 15  days. Extrusion technique was used to produce microencapsulated  Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082 using three different carrier material (1.0 % k-carrageenan , 0.05 %  xanthan gum and  2.0 % gelatin) in the  presence of  2%  sodium alginate and 0.5%  inulin as a prebiotic source . The results showed that  the addition of  2% cold  or   hot water cinnamon  and clove extracts resulted in better compactness of  viability of  Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082 ( free or  encapsulated ). Which increased significantly bacterial counts  compared to control ( 0%)  but  viable counts of  Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082  were slightly decreased at 10%  compared to control (0%) . The titratable acidity of the examined treatments of  zabady increased during the storage period  with simultaneous decreasing trend of the pH values.  Total viability of  Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082 was higher in zabady samples containing  cold extract of clove and cinnamon,  and encapsulated cells  showed  better viability  in comparison with non encapsulated. Coliform bacteria were not detected till the end of storage period in all treatments. Viable counts of  Streptococcus thermophiles  and  Lactobacillus delbrueckii  subsp. bulgaricus  declined approximately ( 1.3 - 1.8 log10 cfu/g ) after 15 days of storage period, but in all treatments viable cells remained above (106 cfu /g). Regarding organoleptically and instrumentally evaluated textural attributes,  significant differences were observed among all zabady  treatments.  The total scores of organoleptic properties  slightly decreased in all treatments. The treatment (x4) containing encapsulated  Bifidobacterium bifidum DSM20082 with 0.05% xanthan gum and 2% cold water extract of cinnamon had the highest total scores  point 95.81 (after 5 days) and 92.49 (after 15 days)  of storage period.

Keywords: zabady, Bifidobacterium bifidum, cinnamon, clove .