Nutritious Biscuits for Celiac Patients: Effect of Different Cereals and Legumes Blends

Hamid M. Ziena, Shrief M. Shamsia, Saad A. Mahgoub andMohamed A. Emara

This study was aimed to prepare and evaluate some biscuit products as gluten free products (GFPs) for Celiac disease (CD) patient. Four biscuits including control and three treatments according to raw material content have been prepared. The control (100% wheat flour), B1 (45% yellow corn flour, 35% faba bean flour and 20% corn starch), B2 (45% broken rice flour, 35% chickpea flour and 20% corn starch) and B3 (45% sorghum flour, 35% lima bean flour and 20% corn starch). Chemical composition, mineral content, anti-nutritional factors in addition to sensory properties were evaluated. The results revealed that crude protein contents of different products were 8.29, 9.62, 7.52 and 8.18 g/100g for control, products B1, B2 and B3, respectively. Potassium was the predominant minerals especially in product (B2), which contained the highest contents of potassium (353.47 mg/100g) and sodium (32.71 mg/100g). Phytic acid was ranged from 17.53 to 100.53mg/100g and tannins were ranged from 5.04 to 10.90 mg/100g. Germination, boiling, drying of raw materials and backing process caused increased of protein digestibility, eliminated of anti-nutritional factors and enhanced sensory and nutritional quality. According to sensory evaluation all GFB products were improved significantly compared to control product.

Keywords: Gluten free products, Pretreatment of cereals and legumes, Biscuits, Chemical composition, Sorghum, Broken rice, Yellow corn, Chickpea, Faba bean and lima bean.