Molecular Identification of Listeria Species from Some Processed Meat Products Using Specific Iap Gene and 16S rRNA Gene

Mona M. Hassan, Samia A. AbdAl-Aziz , Asmaa M. Megahed , Hagar A. Abdel Rassoul , Yasser M. Mabrouk

Three kinds of processed meat (Luncheon, Burger , Minced meat) were examined for the presence of Listeria species. Collected samples purchased from local supermarkets were from three different Egyptian companies. All the  bacterial isolates were cultured on specific media after pre-enrichment and enrichment cultures. The colonial morphology depends strongly up on the media used and the incubation conditions provided.  (Oxford Listeria Agar Base) was used as specific medium for Listeria. The bacterial  distribution of Listeria was, 2.22% in Beef burger, 13.6%. in luncheon and there was no bacterial growth in minced meat. In this study;  gram staining., morphological characterization, molecular identification using 16S rDNA  partial sequencing  and specific gene Iap gene  of Listeria were carried out.

Keywords: Listeria Species-  specichic PCR.