Field Efficiency of some New Insecticides Against some Sucking Insects at Cucumber Plants

Ahmed A. Barrania Mabrok A. El-Bessomy and Atef T. El-Masry

The efficiency of some new insecticides, (sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone) were compared with three neonicotinoid insecticides (clothianidin, thiamethoxam and acetamiprid), at recommended rates, against Bemisia tabaci, Aphis gossypii and their parasitoid on cucumber plants, during 2017and 2018 summer seasons at Nubarya district, El-Beheira Governorate. Results showed that, sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone exhibited excellent and fast action activity against B. tabaci and A. gossypii, and the least reduction percentages were recorded by acetamiprid at both seasons. Under the same conditions, three neonicotinoid insecticides had moderate toxic effect against natural enemies; Chrysoperla carnea and Coccinella spp, while, sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone had slightly toxic effect. The present study suggests the use of sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone are preferred insecticides, with less harmful effects on the fitness components of natural enemies, for integrated pest management of sucking insects at cucumber plants.

Keywords: Cucumber, Aphis gossypii, Bemisia tabaci, sulfoximines, flupyradifurone, neonicotinoid