The Relationship Between Seed Cotton Production Locations and Their Lint Cotton Grade on Fiber Quality and Yarn Strength of The Egyptian Cotton Cultivar Giza 86

Aly A. A. El-Banna

This research was conducted in Plant Production Department, The Faculty of Agriculture (Saba Basha), Alexandria University, Egypt, during the two consecutive seasons of 2017 and 2018 to study the effect of seed cotton production locations (Kafr El- Dawar, Kafr El-Sheikh and Basion), lint cotton grade and their combinations on fiber and yarn Strength of Egyptian cotton cultivar Giza 86. Therefore, four lint grades of the given cotton cultivar (long staple) as Good to fully good (G/FG), Good + 1/4, Good and Good - 1/4 were investigated.  The obtained results indicated that the highest mean values of spinning consistency index (186.50 and 183.50), fiber bundle strength (41.45 and 40.20 g\tex) and single yarn strength (21.80 and 21.05 g/tex), respectively during both seasons, and the lowest mean value of fiber elongation (5.60%) in the first season, in addition to the highest mean value of upper half mean length (31.17mm) in the second season were recorded by the cotton produced from the location of Kafr El-Sheikh. The best averages were obtained from classer grade Good to Fully Good for all parameter traits of fiber and yarn.  The highest lint grade (Good to Fully Good) of Giza 86 cotton cultivar recorded the highest mean values of spinning consistency index (201.88 and 198.88), fiber upper half mean length (32.63 and 31.98mm ), length uniformity index (86.94 and 84.38%), fiber bundle strength (44.18 and 43.63g/tex), maturity index (0.88 and 0.84), micronaire reading (4.57 and 4.50), reflectance degree (Rd, 75.33 and 75.77 %), single yarn strength (23.20 and 22.31 g/tex) and the lowest mean values of  short fiber index (5.80 and 5.16 %), fiber elongation (5.37 and 4.68%), degree of yellowness (+b, 8.67 and 8.61), trash area (0.59 and 0.68%), trash count (37.77 and 40.88), yarn elongation (4.88 and 4.33%) in the two seasons, respectively. The highest mean values of spinning consistency index (209.00 and 206.00) were recorded from the lint grade (Good to Fully Good) of the cotton cultivated in Kafr El-Sheikh in the two seasons, respectively.

Key words: Seed cotton grade; fiber properties; yarn strength; location