Utilization of Cinnamon in Preparation and Preservation of Food Products from Microbial Contamination

Jehan I. Saber

The aim of this study was to evaluate cinnamon's powder in terms of chemical composition and its content of dietary fiber, mineral, bioactive components, antioxidant activity and antimicrobial activity. Cinnamon has been used in different percentages to prepare  bakery products such as bread, cake and biscuits, and find out its effect on microbial growth in products during the different storage period on the room temperature and rated it as a preservative.

The results of the present study showed that this powder contained protein, dietary fiber, carotenoids, the methanolic extract of this powder had antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. This study also showed that the products which as containing the high ratios of cinnamon's powder it's was effect on microbial growth during period storage, where we can used it as Preservative from Microbial Contamination. Also all the products prepared containing the different percentages of cinnamon's powder and storage were well accepted by the panelists.   

Keywords: Cinnamon, foods products, antibacterial activity, save food.