Utilization of Whole Mantis Shrimp ( Squilla Mantis ) as an Edible Fish Powder for The Preparation of Value-Added Products

Samia, A. Keshk and Hoda, H. Emara

The objective of the study was to investigate nutrient and functional properties of edible fish powder prepared from whole mantis shrimp using different heating treatments and its use as a functional food ingredient in some food products such as wheat sticks and potato croquettes. The average weight and length composition of fresh mantis shrimp were carried out. Proximate chemical composition of whole (flesh , head , scale or shell and tail) and flesh of fresh mantis shrimp were 60.23%, 84.42% crude protein, 4.37%, 4.31% crude ether extract, 25.72%, 8.02% total ash and 9.68%, 3.25% carbohydrate (D.W), respectively. The whole body had lower value of crude protein but contained higher level of total ash and carbohydrate which contained the exoskeleton. Na, K, Ca and Mg were 493.48, 292.89, 2946.38 and 865.98 mg/100 g in whole fresh mantis shrimp. A simple process was developed to convert low value mantis shrimp to nutritional rich edible fish powder (EFP). In this study EFP was prepared by four different treatments. The untreated edible fish powder (UnEFP) contained the highest significant protein content (60.18%) followed by steaming edible fish powder (StEFP) (57.70%) and salt edible fish powder (SEFP) (54.90%), while the lowest protein content was (52.60%) in vinegar edible fish powder (VEFP) .So steaming as a  method of heating showed the least undesirable effects on protein losses and can be selected as the best treatment in preparing EFP. The yield of EFP obtained by the different treatments ranged from 15.89% to 26.96% and the energy values ranged from 265.54 to 316.99 kcal/100g. The functional properties showed that StEFP had the highest emulsion, foam stability and this is due to higher protein content. Also the result of SDS – PAGE showed that the sample heating in salt solution had the lowest protein content and steaming is the best treatment for producing EFP. Sensory scores for wheat sticks and potato croquettes increased gradually by increasing % of EFP.As a conclution, mantis shrimp can be used as a source of high quality protein, energy and mineral for human consumption.

Key word :Mantis shrimp, edible fish powder, chemical composition, functional properties, utilization