Properties of Some Egyptian Rice Hybrids as Affected by Parboiling Process

Doaa A. Abd ElBary and Dalia M. Tabl

This experiment was conducted at Rice Research Section, Field Crops Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Sakha, Kafr El-Sheikh and the Rice Technology Training Center (RTTC), Alexandria, Egypt during 2016 season to study the effect of parboiling process on characteristics of the three Egyptian rice hybrids i,.e. “Hybrid Rice 1, Hybrid Rice 2 and Hybrid Yasmine” and their grain quality. The results showed that the three hybrids of rice differed in their properties studied when treated by different temperatures and parboiling process improved rice eating and cooking quality by decreasing time to cook and decreasing sticky. The study showed that soaking rice on 70o C gave the best results especially hardness that decreases broken and insect infestation subsequently.

Key words: Rice- Hybrid-Parboiled-  Properties- Process