Expression Profile of Wheat DNA Methyltransferases Genes in Egyptian Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) Varieties Under PEG Induced Dehydration

Mona M. Elseehy and Ahmed M. El-Shehawi

DNA methyltransferases are group of enzymes that add methyl group to cytosine in DNAs. Methylation regulates gene expression under normal conditions as well as in response to adverse conditions. DNA methyltransferases gene expression level was estimated in seven Egyptian wheat varieties; (Misr1, Giza168, Sakha94, Sids1, Gemmiza7, Gemmiza11, and Shandawel1) under drought induced by polyethylene glycol (PEG) using semiquantitative PCR of cDNA generated from total RNA. The seven tested varieties showed variations in four wheat DNA methyltransferase (Met) gene expression. Sids1 variety showed high expression level of Met1, Met2b, CMT, and Met3. The other varieties varied in Met gene expression levels. Met1 gene expression ranged from 66 to 47% of Sids1 gene expression, Met2b was 71 to 44% of Sids1 gene expression, CMT level ranged from 60 to 22% Sids1 gene expression Met3 expression was 78-21% of Sids1 gene expression. The results concluded that, in sidsiratety wheat Mets activities responde faster to PEG-induced dehydration. Also, variation in Mets genes expression may be due to resistance variation of resistance of wheat varieties to abiotic stresses, such as heat, salinity and drought. Consequently, Met genes activities could be used in the evaluation of new wheat varieties and genetic manipulation of wheat resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Key words: Gene expression- abiotic stress- wheat resistance.