Production of Novel Functional Yoghurt Fortified with Bovine Colostrum and Date Syrup for Children

Azza S. Abdel-Ghany and Dalia A. Zaki

The aim of this work was to study the effect of adding bovine colostrum and date syrup as natural ingredients on the nutritional value of yoghurt and it's quality during cold storage period. Functional yoghurt was prepared by using buffalo milk 3% fat, date syrup 5% for all treatments except the control and bovine colostrum was added at different ratios 5% (T2), 10% (T3) and 15% (T4). Then, all treatments were inoculated with 2% of yoghurt starter and stored at 5°C for 12 days. Samples of yoghurt were chemically, organoleptically, and microbiologically analyzed at 1st, 4th, 8th and 12th days of cold storage. It was observed that addition of date syrup and bovine colostrum for yoghurt were found to enhance significantly the content of total Solids (TS), total protein, immunoglobulin G (IgG), lactoferrin  and  minerals compared to the control. Also, most nutrients hade a slight increment during advanced storage period.  The titratable acidity% of yoghurt samples slightly increased during storage periods, while the pH values decreased significantly. Yoghurt fortified with 10% (T3) and 15% (T4) of bovine colostrum had significantly higher viscosity values than that in the other treatments. Also, T4 had significantly lower syneresis than the other yoghurt treatments on 12th day of storage. No significant differences could be traced in flavour, appearance, body and texture and overall acceptability scores among all yoghurt treatments. The grams consumed of yoghurt to meet the daily requirement (GDR) for children aged 1-3 years of protein and (calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc) significantly decreased by fortification of yoghurt with date syrup and bovine colostrum, while percent satisfaction (P.S.%/100g) of the daily needs in these nutrients significantly increased. In conclusion, fortification of yoghurt by adding date syrup and bovine colostrum enhanced nutritional value and quality of yoghurt.

Keywords: Functional dairy food, yoghurt, bovine colostrum, date syrup, sensory evaluation.