Molecular and Physiological Detection of Cyst Nematodes on Potato During Plant Nematode Interactions

Dina H. Elkobrosy , Dalia G. Aseel, Nader R. Abdelsalam, Mohamed A. El-Saedy, Saad Shama and Elsayed E. Hafez

Cyst nematodes involve over than 90 known species into six genera, G. rostochiensis and G. pallida are most important pathogens of potato crops where their economically a yield losses. The aim of present investigation is characterization the cyst nematode species (G. rostochiensis) using molecular techniques during plant-nematode interaction. The molecular identification of cyst nematode was carried out using ITS PCR. The results of ITS-PCR showed two bands with different molecular sizes 238 bp and 370 bp. The metabolic activation of potato leaves infected with cyst nematodes was detected. The results confirmed that, G.rostochiensis significantly elevated the contents of shoots lipid peroxidation (MDA) as compared to the untreated healthy plants.

Key words: Cyst nematodes, ITS PCR, potato