Comparative Performance of Five Genotypes of Tomato to Salt Stress

Effat A. Badr , Sanaa A. Riad, Horeya M. Hassan, Ramzy M. Hedia, Yehia A. Moutafa and Manal A. Zakarya

Proline content, chlorophyll pigment and potassium/sodium ratio (Na+/K+) of five different genotypes, Edkawy, Castle Rock and Budai Torpe and their hybrids EХC and EХB were significantly increased in proline content and Na+/K+,  and significantly lowered in chlorophyll content by the rise of salinization levels 1.2, 2, 5, 10, 15 dS/m. The two hybrids gave a higher response to salinity; this is observed in the increase in Na and proline in the same time K concentration decreased. Edkawy showed mid values between the other parents and the hybrids. 

Key words: Lycopersicon esculentum - salinity– proline -chlorophyll