Evaluation of the Efficacy of Medium Protein Diet, Turmeric and Arabic Gum on Chronic Renal Failure

Ebtesam Fath M. Omar and Doaa Ibrahim Mohamed Kabil

Renal failure is accompanied by oxidative stress, which is caused by enhanced production of reactive oxygen species and impaired antioxidant defense. Turmeric and Arabic gum have antioxidant activities and medicinal properties. This study aimed to investigate the effect of two levels of turmeric and Arabic gum and their combination in the presence of medium protein diets on rats with chronic renal failure. A total of (54) rats weighting 200 ± 10g were fed on basal diet for 7 days for acclimatization. Rats divided into two main groups, the first main group (n=6) fed on basal diet for 8 weeks (Negative Control), while the second main group fed on basal diet containing2 % L- arginine (arginine diet) for 4 weeks to induce chronic renal failure then the second main group divided into 8 subgroups (n =6) for 4 weeks as following: Subgroup (1): fed on arginine diet containing 14% protein and used as a positive control group. Subgroup (2): fed on arginine diet containing 7% protein, and used medium protein diet group (MPD).Subgroups (3 and 4): fed on MPDs containing 3% and 6% Arabic gum, respectively. Subgroups (5 and 6): fed on MPDs containing 1% and 2% turmeric, respectively. Subgroup (7): fed on MPD containing 3% Arabic gum and 1% turmeric. Subgroup (8): fed on MPD containing 6% Arabic gum and 2% turmeric.  During the experimental period, rats were weighted weekly, feed intake and body weight gain were recorded. At the end of experimental period, rats were scarified; blood samples were collected centrifuged and frozen until analysis. Creatinine, urea nitrogen and uric acid, total protein, Na, K, AST, ALT, glucose and lipid profile were measured. Our results concluded that, all experimental diets had a positive effect on renal functions and the other complications resulted from CRF either alone or combined with medium protein diet especially with high levels. This effect may be due to antioxidant potential of turmeric and Arabic gum.


Keywords: Chronic renal failure- L- arginine- medium protein diet – turmeric –Arabic gum- kidney functions- glucose- lipid profile – liver enzymes.