Study of Morphological and Germination Parameters of Legume Crops Vigna Mungo L. Treated with Cement Dust

Rajasubramanian Devarajan , Narendra K , Navya Krishna Ram and Krishna Ram Hanumappa

Field experiment was conducted with blackgram var. Vamban 3. By different levels (5, 10, 15 and 20 g m-2 day-1) of the cement dust to investigate the effect of foliar application on plant growth. The morphological growth parameters (shoot length, root length, number of root nodules, total leaf area, fresh weight, and dry weight) of blackgram were recorded periodically.  The yield parameters (number of pods, number seeds per pod, dry weight of pod, 100 seed weight and final yield) were recorded at the time of harvest. Both parameters were found to be decreased with the increasing levels of the applied cement dust.


Key Word: Vigna mungo L, Morphology, Root nodules, Cement dust Pollution.