Isolation, Identification and Molecular Characterization of Cadmium Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Polluted Drainage Water

Ashgan A. Abougabal , Ranya Amer , Ahmed Abdel -Megeed and Magda Hider

Water is the most basic element for the life on earth. Reliable access to cleanly and affordable water is considered main challenge for the total world. Along with waste water progress, environmental pollutants like toxic heavy metals are widely spreading throughout the world. The presence of heavy metal in aqueous environment poses a dangerous environmental risk.The utilization of heavy metal resistance bacteria might avail a cost-efficient tool for bioremediations of contaminated water bodies.  During our screening program for heavy metal resistant bacteria isolated from agriculture wastewater sample collected from mainsheet El Awqaf near kafr el-Dewar), EL-Bahaira Egypt was able to grow on (LB) medium supplemented with Cadmium (50 to 500 mg/l),six isolates were chosen (4(DB-3), 5(DB-3), 6CB-3), 7(CB-7), J (CB-5), and M (CB-3)  based on the metal tolerance concentration (MIC) values these  isolates were gram negative rod shaped bacteria.


Key words: Wastewater, Isolation, identification, Heavy metal removal, Cadmium, minimum tolerance concentrations, bioremediations.