Enhancement of Low Calorie Chocolate Milk Sweetened with Stevioside and Texturizing Inulin

Jehan I. Saber , Hayam H. Mohamed; Zeinab Ismail;and Mona I. Massoud

Physico-chemical , microbiological characteristics and sensory evaluation were performed to investigate the effect of replacing sugar with stevioside as well as the addition of texturizing inulin as a functional ingredient on the quality of the low calorie chocolate milk. Low caloric chocolate milk has been prepared by replacing 25, 50, 75 and 100% of sugar with stevioside and addition of inulin (frutafit® TEX) to improve texture parameters. The results indicated that the total soluble solids of all chocolate milk decreased as the ratio of the stevioside added increased compared to the control samples. No significant differences were found between the organoleptic properties for all samples sweetened with stevioside compared to the control. The addition of  2% inulin increased the chocolate milk viscosity. Chocolate  milk samples replacing 50% sugar with stevioside and 2% inulin had gained the highest overall acceptability scores compared to those prepared using sugar alone and qualities of similar textures of full-fat products. These low products can be used for people suffering from obese and diabetics.


Keywords: Stevioside, inulin, organoleptic properties, diabetics