Effects of Turmeric Addition on Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Activity and Sensory Evaluation of Lentil Soup

Mahmoud A. Rozan , Hala M. Bayomy and Esmail G. Boriy

The objectives of the present study were to evaluate the chemical, sensory and antioxidant activity of lentil soup made with the addition of different levels of turmeric powder. The crude protein was 21.6% in lentil, whilst it was 3.18% in turmeric. Analyses revealed that turmeric contains higher amounts of both total phenolic (119.04 mg GAE/g) and flavonoids (9.61 mg RE/g) and had higher antioxidant activity followed by lentil soup compared with lentil seed. The increasing of addition level of turmeric powder in lentil soup significantly increased viscosity, yellow colors, and significantly decreased lightness. Moreover, the addition of turmeric powder significantly affects appearance, flavor, taste, texture attributes and overall acceptability of the resultant soups. In Conclusion, turmeric powder could be incorporated to lentil soup formulation up 2 g /100 g lentil to improve its quality attributes without causing any sensorial defect.


Key words: Lentil, Turmeric, Lentil soup, Phenolics, Flavonoids, Viscosity, Color.