Water stress effects on yield and Quality of sugar beet crop in sandy soils

Amr M.A EL-Darder Mohsen A. Gamaa, Mahmoed. A. Sayed and Mohamed.Z. Kamel

The present investigation was carried out during the two growing seasons of 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 at the farm of Nubaria sugar and reefing company. El-Bohera Governorate, Egypt to study the effect of water stress regimes (60%, 80%, and 100 % of irrigation water requirement (IWR)  on growth and yield quality of sugar beet plant grown under drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and sandy soil conditions. Results revealed that drip irrigation system with 80% of (IWR) recorded the highest significant leaf area index, sucrose percentage, purity percentage and extractable sugar percentage in both seasons of sugar beet crop. While application of sprinkler irrigation at 100% (IWR) gave the heaviest root weight, root Number /fed, purity percentage and root yield in both growing seasons.

 Drip irrigation system with 1322 m3/fed water (60 % of IWR) give the best satisfy yield and good quality of sugar beet crop under sandy soil and the experimental condition.


Key words: sugar beet – drip-sprinkler – water stress- growth – yield.