Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Labneh Fortified with Salvia Officinalis

Eman, E. Habib , Sherif,M. Shamsia, Sameh,A. Awad,and Hamed,M. Ziena

Labneh is one of the most popular dairy products in the Middle East and has gained immense popularity due to its higher nutritional value compared to traditional yogurt. Labneh is defined as a concentrated yogurt in which yogurt is concentrated by removing acidic whey from the solid parts. Sage “Salvia officinalis” and olive oil   have many health benefits as good source of antioxidant compounds.  In this study, sage powder and olive oil were in Labneh for increasing its health benefits. The incorporated results showed that the sage powder has no influence on pH, chemical composition and rheological properties, while olive oil significantly reduced the hardness and viscosity of Labneh. The treatments of Labneh with sage powder and olive oil were highly accepted in flavor by panelists. This study recommended that the adding of sage powder could be a good source of antioxidant compounds to increase the health benefits of labneh.


Key words: Labneh, sage, olive oil, rheological properties, sensorial properties