Faba bean (Vicia faba L.), an old-world grain legume, is grown approximately in 3 m/ha area world-wide from temperate. In favorable conditions, it gives very high yields. The present work was carries out to produce a good preparation of chromatin isolated from embryonic axes of Vicia faba, Chromatin which can be isolated as a chemically defined entity including DNA, RNA, histone and non- histone protein. Vicia faba variety white and Brassica oleracea variety botrytis as two unrelated species.

The activity of chromatin can be also measured by its stabilization degree against thermal denaturation. Chromatin in 1 M NaCl was purified by chromatography on Sephadex G- 25 Fine/ Pharmacia fine chemicals AB, Sweden. The purity of chromatin prepartions was estimated, Extraction of histones was carried out from purified chromatin with 0.4 HCl by using 10 ml chromatin in each analysis.

The products of genetic activity vary greatly in amount in different cell types and in the same cell types and in the same cell type at successive stages of differentiation


Key words: Vicia faba, faba bean, Chromatin Isolated, composition of chromatin