Artesian Water Contamination with Heavy Metals at Different Distances at Borg El Arab, Alexandria – Egypt

Saad .A.E Abdelrazek

Twenty four water samples were collected from six artesian wells in Borg El Arab region, Alexandria, from June 2015 to May 2016, and analyzed for the determination of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd, Co, and Ni, The obtained results showed that Nile water contained 0.31-1.23 Fe 0.06-0.65   Mn, 0.08-0.52 Zn, 0.01 -0.16 Cu, (mgL-1), while Pb, Cd, Co, Ni were not detected. The artesian water contained: 0.17-2.81 as Fe, (0.06-0.95) as Mn, (0.0 -0.90) as Zn, (0.0 -0.3) Cu (mgL-1).The concentrations of Co, Pb, Cd, and Ni were nil. All values were below the safe limit of water suitability for irrigation. Artesian water can be used under special management. The higher values of Fe, Mn, Zn Pb, and Cu were found in the soil irrigated with artesian water. Regular monitoring of heavy metals in crops is essential to prevent excessive accumulation of these metals via the food chain. Long-term daily intake of contaminated crops is likely to be a detrimental health hazard for consumers. 


Keywords: Artesian water, Trace elements, Heavy metals, Borg El Arab