Effect of Some Chemicals on Vase Life of Gladiolus Cut Flowers

Mahmoud Khattab, Mohammed El-Torky, Abd-El-Hamid Torabeih, Hend Rashed1

The present study was carried out during two seasons of 2015/2016 under laboratory conditions in the Department of Floriculture, Ornamental Horticulture and Garden Design Faculty of Agriculture, University of Alexandria at Shatby and Behira Governorate (Abo El-Matameer city) to investigate the possibility of opening the florets of the cut spikes of Gladiolus grandiflorus cv."White Prosperity" at show color stage, inflorescence keeping quality, leaves chemical analysis and the growth of microorganisms in the vase solution using three concentrations of each of ascorbic acid (150,200,and 250 ppm),boric acid (30,60 and120 ppm),glycine  amino - acid (20,40 and 80 ppm) and 5-salfosalicylic acid (100,200 and 300 ppm). Results indicated that all the used acids had positive effects on the keeping quality of cut Gladiolus spikes and using boric acid at level ranged between 30 to 120 ppm to the vase solution led to increase the florets diameter, duration period and inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the vase solution. While using 5-salfosalicylic acid at 100-200 ppm gave a fast opening of the florets, increased the number of the opened florets, decreased the number of the non-opened florets per spike and increased the amount of the absorbed vase solution.

keyword: Gladiolus, Keeping quality.