Potato soil insect - Insecticidal control-Yield loss assessment - Economic injury levels.

Abdel Aziz T. Bondok, Shereen M. Nahrawy, Maryam Hazman, Hend S. Haibiba & Amal A. Helmy

The current study presented an expert system technology of alfalfa (ESTA) in terms of computer programs designed to mimic the reasoning of human experts. These programs, like a human expert, are able to take into account the relative importance of different criteria to the user.

These program are useful in select varieties aginst biotic and abiotic stress. It may be more important to the user, however to find resistant varieties to veriticillium wilt. and expert system is able to search a computer database to select the varieties that best reflect this particular bias.The result of this search is a list of cultivars ranked as to how well they meet the user's request.

The study describes a microcomputer program called ESTA which is an expert system for alfalfa cultivar selection. Also ESTA is an expert system used as an educational tool for extension people and the alfalfa growers.

It is designed to incorporate detailed information about alfalfa production regarding site, soil, machinery, management levels, and yield information to simulate the annual costs and returns over the alfalfa stand life. ESTA requires information from several domains of expertise such as Agronomy,  Entomology, Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Economy.

ESTA is a form of artificial intelligence, may soon become an important management tool for agribusiness dealers, county agents, agricultural consultants, and farmers. An expert system technology can make the specialized knowledge of an expert available to farmers when making critical management decisions. ESTA also informs the user as to how the recommendations or conclusion had reached on the screen or on the print – out. This expert systems modules the procedures used by a forage expert in determining agro economic recommendations for successful establishment and production of alfalfa. With this expert system, information is readily available to alfalfa producers for making management decisions relative to liming, fertilization, irrigation, drainage, weed control, longevity of stand, variety recommendations, and method and rate of seeding.

Key words:Expert system,  ESTA, Alfalfa, Artificial intelligence, Management tool.