Molecular Characterization of Some Egyptian cotton Varieties

Issraa Saif, Seehy, M.A, Sanaa Riad, Mahmoud Elbagoury

Cotton plant belongs to the genus Gossypium which is considered as the first important economic crop in Egypt. The present study aims to characterize five Egyptian cotton varieties (Giza(G) 92;Giza(G) 93; Giza(G)86; Giza(G)87and Giza(G)88) at biochemical and molecular level. Using ISSR; SSR and RAPDPCR analyses, a total of 159 polymorphic fragments were recorded with similarity of 40; 23.5 and 38%, respectively, for the five varieties. The Phylogenetic relationships of the five Egyptian cotton varieties based on DNA molecular data (RAPD + ISSR + SSR) indicated two groups with 56% similarity; the first group had (G88); However, G93 and G86 with homology percentage of 81%, and both of them in relation to G87 variety with approximately 65.5% similarity.  Keywords: Cotton, Molecular Markers, ISSR, SSR, RAPD-PCR