Scanning Electron Microscopy of Icerya aegyptiaca (Douglas, 1890) (Hemiptera: Monophlebidae)

Sahar M. Beshr

The present study deals with the morphological study with both Light and Electron microscope of Icerya aegyptiaca (Douglas, 1890). It is revealed that the body regions are indistinct with convexed dorsum and flattened venter. Body covered with tufts of white waxy secretions and surrounded with submarginal long processes which covers the ovisac. The external features of the adult female such as, antennae, eyes, legs and thoracic and abdominal spiracles with their measurements were described in details. The Ultrastructure of derm pores with their variations in size, type and distribution were also explained with measurements. Only one circatrix is recorded in this mealy bug.