Popping Properties of Rice as Influenced by Cultivars, Temperature and Time of Popping

Khaled M.H. Abd El Salam , Ahmed M.Shaalan and Medhat A.E. El-Dalil

This research aimed to determine the effect of processing conditions, including temperature and time of popping on expansion of popped rice cultivars. The results of the two seasons 2013 and 2014 showed significant differences between cultivars for most studied characters. Giza 178 rice cultivar showed highest significant values for expansion ratio, weight of popped and popping percentage in both seasons. Increasing temperature degree from 220 to 260 o C significantly increased all studied characters in both seasons. In addition, the optimum time for all studied characters was 60 seconds. Interaction for expansion ratio between 40 and 60 second, at 260 o C, revealed a gradual increase but with different magnitude for each cultivar.