Dissipation of Penconazole and Imidacloprid Residues in Squash Fruits under The Egyptian Field Conditions

Hend M. Abdella, Safaa M. Halawa and Dalia E. El-Hefny

The dissipation and residual levels of penconazole and imidacloprid in squash fruit under field condition were determined by using GC-ECD and HPLC-DAD with QuEChERS method. The dissipation half-life time of penconazole and imidacloprid residues in squash fruits were 1.95 and 1.93 days, respectively. According to maximum residue limit (MRL). The pre harvest interval (PHI) of penconazole and imidacloprid were 10 and 7 days after application for squash fruits, respectively. This suggested that the use of squash fruits treated with these pesticides were safe for consumption. This study might be useful to prevent health problem from consumers.